Help Wanted: Global Operations Team

We Need Your Help 

The Global Operations Team is looking for help in some key areas in our never-ending task to equip cities with the resources they need to thrive.  If would like to help with any of these needs or would like more information, just contact us at 

focus Training Courses 

focus is our online training platform and we are currently conducting classes for potential new city leaders and developing the course for cities that are just starting up.  We have two areas that are in need of support.  The first is for our active courses.  These courses use forums to allow those taking the course to share responses with their course mates and cohort mentor and we need someone who can manage these forums.  The second need is for someone who can help take course content and move it into the online platform.  focus is hosted on a WordPress website and uses bbPress for the forums and LearnPress for the course content.  While prior experience with these plugins is helpful it is not a requirement to pitch in and help – we can provide the assistance you may need to get started. 


We have only scratched the surface in what our Volunteer Management Engine (VoluME) can become and we need help in both implementing what we have already developed and expanding its capabilities.  VoluME is powered by Salesforce, a Customer Relationship Management platform.  Those interested in becoming part of the VoluME team (sorry, no t-shirts – yet) should already be experienced with using Salesforce as an administrator or have a good understanding of how databases work and be willing to learn about Salesforce through a series of training modules offered by Salesforce.  This team is tasked with: 

  • helping to optimize current VoluME apps and any new apps 
  • helping to document processes for regular users 
  • helping to get cities ready by doing some customization and some fine-tuning in the setup of both VoluME apps and other Salesforce apps available on the App Exchange 
  • helping to get cities oriented with how Salesforce works in general and how to utilize its power (where things are, reports, …) 

Tower Management Staff 

With our movement growing daily, the need for help with the day-to-day management of the Tower (Office365/Sharepoint and Teams) is becoming more important and we need to staff-up to meet the demand.  This team is responsible for things like adding new users, setting up new cities (adding new domains), answering questions, and troubleshooting issues.  While experience in administering Office365/Sharepoint and Teams is helpful it is not required.  Some of these tasks are quite simple and can be easily explained so don’t let a lack of experience keep you from helping if you are interested. 

Graphic Design Support 

The last area where some support is needed is in our graphic design ‘department’.  There are two levels of tasks here.  One is to manage our shared graphics templates, including those submitted by cities.  These files are created and stored on Canva but need to be linked back to a page on the new City Leader Resource site as they are created.  The second is to respond to requests for new graphics.  This is mostly creating new city logos files (template-based and easy to do) but sometimes we do get requests for other graphics for special events at the international level. 


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