2020 International Forum Program


There are 4 themes, and 16 workshops to choose from, assigned to two or more time blocks on the schedule.

This year’s workshops are in four blocks based on basic themes of who, why, what, and how to put our values into action. Each workshop will be repeated at least twice, there are 14 blocks of workshops, each block has been assigned a letter (i.e. A, B, C, etc), each block has 4 simultaneous workshops to choose from. Choose ONE workshop from each block that you are able to attend.


City leaders have real stories to tell about transformational volunteering in their cities. There is something unique to learn from each city story. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we fail. But we don’t give up because everyone has a divine vocation to serve, and every person we serve has inestimable worth.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal City Story
    Alfredo [Blocks A, E, I]
  2. Accra, Ghana City Story
    Lynn [Blocks B, J, M]
  3. Port au Prince, Haiti City Story
    Marc [Blocks C, K]
  4. Chesapeake, USA City Story
    Jay [Blocks D, G, L]

People who are homeless, people who are refugees or asylum seekers, people who are elderly, disabled, or alone, children in need, and people who are victims of abuse: we know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name? The better we understand the issues confronting people in need, the more effectively we will serve them.

  1. The Refugee Crisis
    Many of our cities are hosting refugees that fled from war and several kinds of suppression. This workshop explains asylum laws and inspires you to mean something in the life of those hundreds of thousands of refugees both on the local and global scale. Download The Refugee Crisis Information Sheet. Fianne [Blocks A, E, I, M]
  2. Europe’s Roma community
    The Roma community is a social group in Europe that has complex needs and who are difficult to approach. Experts will inspire you and help you to cross the line! Carlton [Blocks B, J]
  3. Care for our Environment
    This workshop inspires you on incorporating the environment and sustainability into your volunteer projects, as experts will take you into the threads for our environment and will shine new light on easy and fun ways to make a difference. Fernando [Blocks C, K]
  4. Victims of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
    Experts that have been working for decades in helping victims out of trafficking and modern slavery will share their experience and help you to take that step into action! Download the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Information Sheet. Hazel [Blocks D, G, L]

What is it that we do? What is unique about Serve the City? We are not just volunteering, we are building city-wide volunteer communities. We love volunteering events, and we also love neighbourhood transformation. We build partnerships because we are bridge-builders in our cities. And, Covid or not, this movement of kindness will not be cancelled.

  1. Developing a Thriving, Sustainable, and Self-Replicating Volunteer Community
    Shannon/Corlea [Blocks A, F, I]
  2. Neighbourhood Transformation
    Neighbourhood Transformation is a strategy for sustainable community-driven development in urban areas. During this workshop, we will be looking at essential principles of Neighbourhood Transformation as well as highlighting successful case studies. Richard [Blocks B, J, N]
  3. Social Entrepreneurship
    What is required to be a social entrepreneur and what does it take to lead volunteers? How do you start your own non-profit NGO, or social impact project? Tom Wilscam & STC Paris [Blocks C, H, K]
  4. Creative Kindness during Covid
    Paul [Blocks D, L]

It’s no good knowing why, who, and what without also knowing how to build a sustainable serving movement in your city. How can you activate and balance the STC tensions in your city? How do you build an effective Core Team? How can the latest and greatest Information Technology help you put your great ideas into practice? How do you find funding for everything you want to do?

  1. Activating and balancing
    the tensions of Serve the City
    How three tensions and six values drive the vision and mission of this global serving movement.
    Simone/Leontine/Paul [Blocks A, F, I]
  2. Building a Effective Core Team
    Christine [Blocks B, J, N]
  3. This is IT
    Jeremie/Dave [Blocks C, H, K]
  4. Finding the Funding
    David/Charles [Blocks D, L]

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