Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in personal ways to people in need.

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“Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!”

Volunteer with us, fundraise for us in your circles, partner with us, start a Serve the City where you live… Whatever you want to do, take action today and be part of our global movement helping people in need all over the world!

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By 2025 we have a vision to see Serve the City active in over 1,000 cities. Maybe that new city is yours? Are you interested, or maybe someone you know? Learn more about what it takes to start Serve the City in your city and perhaps you can bring a “+1” to the serving party?

Stories and news from our global STC network

Forum Stories: A Weekend in Krakow

Written by Maxwell Taylor My first time traveling to Krakow Poland will always have a special place in my heart. While attending Serve the City’s annual international forum, I met a ‘boat load’ of new STC volunteers from all over Europe, with different experiences from their respective cities, participated in team-building activities, and helped volunteer […]

Mental Health and Substance Abuse: A Growing Connection

An Interview with Nyati Annette Queenie, CEO, LivingPlus Haven Uganda, STC Volunteer 1. Could you tell us about your research in Mental Health? I titled it “Substance-related hospitalisation burden and patterns: Mental Unit, Arua Regional Referral Hospital, North Western Uganda.” Globally, substance abuse is a growing cause of mental illness and a leading cause of […]

Let’s Look After Each Other A Little More

by Greet de Rechter, NOAH coordinator at STC Maastricht Maastricht is a beautiful city in the south of the Netherlands. The people are doing well, as it seems. However, behind the front door, in secret, people are lonely and longing for meetings, friendship and to be seen. Research shows that 53% of adults in Maastricht […]

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