Many people
in our cities are in need
Many people
would like to do something to help, but don’t know where to start
Serve the City
connects potential volunteers with meaningful opportunities to get involved
Many people
doing small things together can make a big difference

Around the world, children are growing up in slums, favelas, ghettos, and townships. Financial difficulty, mental illness, and substance abuse leave 100 million homeless in our cities. Women are tricked and trafficked from one country to another to live as sex slaves. War and political upheaval creates refugees who sometimes spend the rest of their lives in search of a country to call home.

These people don’t only live halfway around the world. They also live across the street. That’s why Serve the City calls everyday people to Cross the Line.

We know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name?

  • It was challenging but it was amazing to serve people and learn from them. It is an experience that shapes you and one that you will never forget. You carry these people in your hearts.

    Edwina Brussels
  • Serve The City facilitated that basic human need of mine: to help others. Scratching that itch feels good.

    Omar Dublin
  • Anyone who thinks one person cannot make a difference will see that one person makes all the difference when you are with Serve the City. It is changing the world one person at a time! Don't miss the opportunity to experience it.

    Kristen Amsterdam
  • To have the opportunity to serve the city I live in and its people is simply wonderful!

    Lorraine Dublin
  • My view of the people in Amsterdam changes as I do volunteer work and connect with other people.

    Brigitte Amsterdam
  • It's amazing how healing human touch can be, sitting eye to eye, communicating in halting French and broken English.

    Diana Brussels
  • The more I engaged on an individual level, the more I grew to love hearing their stories and jokes, and the more I realized that people are no less human and in need of interaction simply because of their age.

    Ryan Brussels
  • Our organisation is starting a campaign on poverty, therefore we thought it important that our teambuilding activity is related to this issue and gives us very practical insight in the needs of the local community our organisation is based in. And what better place to do that than at SIA. We served soup, did a little cleaning up, and met people we would never have met otherwise. Serve the City could not have chosen a more suitable project for us, thank you!

    Kristine Jansone Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe

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