Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness and caring for people in need in cities around the world.

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“Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!”

Volunteer with us, fundraise for us in your circles, partner with us, start a Serve the City where you live… Whatever you want to do, take action today and be part of our global movement helping people in need all over the world!

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By 2025 we have a vision to see Serve the City active in over 1,000 cities. Maybe that new city is yours? Are you interested, or maybe someone you know? Learn more about what it takes to start Serve the City in your city and perhaps you can bring a “+1” to the serving party?

Stories and news from our global STC network

 One Year Volunteering in Paris

by Safiullah Ebrahim  Volunteering is well-known and worthy in France. Based on statistics, one out of every four French citizens volunteers at some point in time. There are many reasons that cause someone to volunteer; one may feel useful, acquire skills, develop oneself, and fulfill his/her civic duty.  After a quick search, it is easy […]

Serving Together in STC Gold Coast

by Hazel Lincy Ebenezer . We are so excited to celebrate Serve the City Gold Coast’s first event, which took place on Saturday, 26th of August. For this successful first event, 10 volunteers came together to take part in a gardening project and cleanup. We reached out to Matilde Newman, the director of STC Gold […]

Part-Time Website Administrator/Developer & Microsoft 365 Account Manager

Serve the City (STC) International is seeking a qualified individual to join our Digital Infrastructure team as a Website Administrator/Developer and Microsoft 365 Account Manager. This part-time position (19 hrs/week) offers an excellent opportunity to work with our STC-branded websites and Microsoft 365 tenant, contributing to the improvement and maintenance of our systems.  This is […]

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