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Big Volunteer Weeks in Southeast Europe

by Jay Benfante, Southeast Europe Network Coordinator and Serve the City Kosovo City Leader   In the life of a Serve the City volunteer community, things can feel, and in many ways should feel very localized and centralized within the city where you live. You have probably heard of other active communities in other cities […]

Hope in Crisis: The Beginnings of STC Colombo

We recently had a conversation with Richard Holt of STC London, who is also the Network Coordinator for South Asia, about his trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Below is a glimpse of our conversation about this impactful trip – 1. We heard that you recently went on a trip to Sri Lanka! Could you tell […]

Excerpt from Wanderlust and Misadventures

by Janine L. Phillips, a volunteer at Serve the City Paris Visit her blog here: - Paris. February 2020 My source of news was through social media and Australian news sites. Reports of COVID-19 began to dominate the feed. However, it still felt like it was ‘out there’, not an issue that affected me. [...]

‘Hello From The Other Side…’

by Peter DeWit He was sleeping on hard hewn out logs meant to be a bench, not a bed. It was midmorning in the busy Republic Square where protesters and skateboarders like to gather. I usually will ask a sleeping figure softly and only once, “A coffee, a tea, something to eat sir?” He woke […]

Stories from Global Volunteer Day 2022

Global Volunteer Day 2022 was celebrated on 14 May across cities, countries, and continents with a variety of projects. To learn more about the special experiences from this day, we caught up with Peter from Nairobi, Michelle from South Jersey, and Peter from Paris. We heard about a visit to a rescue centre in Nairobi, […]

Event: Caring in the Midst of the Ukraine/Russia Conflict

We’ve seen stories of hope and of horror as the Ukraine/Russia conflict continues. This is why you’re invited to join a special online Family session where we will share updates on how STC cities are responding and make space to discuss how we care for people, both those in need and our volunteers. When: Monday […]

Staying Informed

During this time, it is important that we keep ourselves well informed about the events occurring within Ukraine. This requires a dual responsibility of seeking true information and staying away from misinformation. Two sources that we recommend to help you stay informed are: 1. The BBC has been conducting live reporting on the situation, which […]

Stories From the Ground

With the importance that we place in sharing the stories of others, we would be remiss if we did not do the same during this period. If you would like to share your story or experience over the past week, please do reach out to us at Ukraine:  Our contacts in Ukraine include a family […]

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