To serve the city, we need your help.

Serve the City depends on the tireless dedication of thousands of volunteers who invest their time
in caring for people in need. We also depend on the voluntary financial donations of people like you.

Why give to us?

Financial support for Serve the City comes from a variety of sources that differ from city to city. Local STC teams hold fund-raisers, lead corporate team buildings, and apply for government grants.

But every city relies on personal donations from people like you.

Your contributions could empower volunteers in one or more of 100 cities to act or by providing start-up funds to launch projects in a new city.

Please donate to Serve the City. We are a grassroots movement, and not expensive. A little goes a long way!

If you would like to contribute towards a project in an existing Serve the City location, please contact that city directly through the Cities page.

How to give?

On a monthly basis

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Donating online is fast, easy, and reliable. Please send your gift today!

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Via Bank transfer

Here is the information for a bank transfer if that is more convenient for you.

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You are a corporation? Please visit our rCSR page.

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