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Volunteer in your city. Raise awareness and fundraise. Start Serve the City in your city.

Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!

Volunteer in your city!

Volunteer with Serve the City in your city. Find your city on the map and select the hand for contact details.

No STC in your city? No worries, check out the other ways to volunteer with us below!

Shared Social Concerns & Urgent Causes

As an international movement Serve the City recognizes that there are some concerns that are far bigger than one city, and often are shared around the world. While there are many concerns that we all share, STC cities have identified six areas of focus (and these do change from time to time) and host a number of awareness campaigns, online master classes, and workshops to focus on solutions that focus on sustainable development.

There are many areas where financial resources can go to good use, at STC we want to focus our fundraising efforts on our shared social concerns and current urgent causes. Such as solutions for the situations in Haiti and Ukraine. We have active STC teams in these regions and many needs that can be met with focused fundraising efforts.

We’re always looking for people with experience, passion, and expertise to help us raise awareness and grow our impact. Perhaps it’s time to jump in and volunteer for our international team?

Start Serve the City in your city!

Like what you’ve seen? It only takes three steps to get started!

  • Step 1: INTRO hour Webinar

    Register for our next INTRO hour Webinar, or contact us for a one-on-one meeting to learn more.

  • Step 2: Enroll in the Interest Course

    Join the next learning cohort or take the course on your own, this course will introduce you to all of the values, vision, and mission of Serve the City and provide you with all of the resources to start your first "Warm up" serve event.

  • Step 3: Just do it!

    During the interest course, you and your core team can start planning your "First Serve", a public event where you invite others to join you, followed up with your "Second Serve".

We’re with you every step of the way. No idea is too small or too big.

Partner with us

Does your organization need volunteers? Let us help you!

Our vision is to connect the resources of the city with local needs.

  • The private sector brings with it many resources, both human and financial, which can play an essential role in contributing to the well-being of communities anywhere.
  • Partnership with local, national, international institutions, and corporations enables Serve the City to maximize global impact to bring the most to the disadvantaged communities that we serve.
  • Our experience has shown the benefits of volunteering for everyone involved – partners, project beneficiaries, and the volunteers themselves!

Contact us to discuss how a partnership with Serve the City can benefit your organization and its employees!

Corporate volunteering

Looking for an interesting, unique, and managed corporate social responsibility partner?
Serve the City loves CSR!

Are you looking to boost your team whilst making a difference to those around you? Or perhaps you can offer pro bono services to strengthen our organization?

How do you find the right nonprofit to work with? How do you decide which project you want to get involved in and how do go about arranging the activity? At Serve the City we know that there are many businesses that would love to do more in the community but find the logistics of bringing this desire to reality to be insurmountable. As part of our mission to bring together the community to serve the city’s greatest needs we have designed a simple 7 step process that makes it easy for businesses to turn that vision into reality.

Serve the City has extensive experience working with corporations worldwide to unite teams through a unique volunteering experience, while at the same time expanding our movement through employee engagement. With cities across the globe, we offer an attractive package to multinationals, inspiring minds at a local level and bringing about change from both internal and external perspectives.

Contact us to learn more about our team building offer, or how you can help support our organization through pro bono services:

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