May 2015

U.S. and Netherlands Hold National STC Forums

Serve the City US held its first national forum on 23-25 April in Baltimore, MD.  The forum was physically attended by representatives from cities in Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida and Arizona, while leaders in various other cities were able to join remotely.

Best practices were shared and common tensions discussed by city leaders.  Agreements were reached on new regional networks and their leadership as Serve the City poises for a national growth spurt in the U.S.

The Serve the City Netherlands forum took place in Amsterdam on March 28th.

Brigitte Makkinje, Network Coordinator for The Netherlands, reports: People were present from 9 different cities. Our newest city Maastricht showed a clip from their first action in February and Serve the City Diemen shared how they have integrated Serve the City into a primary school. 

After the lunch break we were talking more about how we can be better in working together in the Netherlands. It was inspiring to see many cities together in Amsterdam! 

Serve the City Lisbon Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Launch of STC Portugal Network

The 4th anniversary of STC Lisbon’s flagship project, Lisbon Community Dinners, will be celebrated this month.  In the last 4 years they have served nearly 90 dinners, over 20 thousand meals, involving more than 7,000 volunteers and 800 socially fragile people.  Dozens of companies, NGOs, churches, schools, the City of Lisbon and the European Commission have all contributed towards the cost of these dinners. The first community dinner in the city of Porto will take place this month as well.

On May 15th the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Braga will run simultaneous Photography Community Workshops, for the official launch of Braga as an STC city and making the STC Portugal Network a final reality!

Serve the City Bremen Celebrates 5 Years

STC Bremen held its 5th citywide Aktion Week on 20-28 March.  The week consisted of 29 projects involving 149 volunteers.  Watch the video.  Congratulations Bremen!

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