February 2016

Serve the City Diemen Wins Prize from Local Newspaper

Serve the City Diemen was awarded the prize for Diemenaar van het Jaar 2015 by Diemer News.  The happy and greatly surprised board members immediately responded by saying, “This award is for all the volunteers.”

In their 30 December article Diemer News stated: “The jury awarded the title to the volunteers from Serve the City in recognition of the work they do selflessly and with which they inspire many Diemen residents to also do something for people in their environment.”  Congratulations STC Diemen!

4 STC Cities Begin Preparations for Volunteering Weeks in 2016

Serve the City began in 2005 with a Big Volunteer Week of projects in Brussels, Belgium.  STC Brussels has continued to organize an annual serving week in the summer, in addition to their ongoing weekly projects and monthly Focus Days. Teams from as far as the US and South Africa have traveled to join them for these summer serving weeks.

Over the years 3 additional cities have joined in and are now scheduling annual week-long volunteering events: Bremen and Hannover in April and Karlsruhe in June.  We wish all 4 cities well as they plan and prepare for their big weeks!

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