November 2016

Special Edition Newsletter: Report from Amsterdam!

On 21-22 October 80 people from 23 cities all over the world came together in Amsterdam with a common goal: sharing ideas, resources and stories!  Inspiring… Fulfilling... EncouragingEnergizing… These were just a few of the words used by attenders to describe the 2016 International Forum.  A big thanks to the Serve the City Amsterdam team for hosting us!

Presenters from the International Leadership Team shared both vision for the movement as we celebrated our milestone as a legal international entity, as well as creative solutions and practical resources for fund raising and organizational management, along with special speakers from some of the cities represented.  Moving stories of serving were also shared by others.

The Serve the City Marketplace held on Saturday gave cities an opportunity to showcase their organizational strengths and creativity, as a means to share and learn from one another.  Speakers were also available to answer questions and share in more depth about the concepts and technological solutions presented earlier in the Forum.

For more information on the following technological solutions, please contact:
Microsoft Office 365 (online shared office space available): Warren Batt
Salesforce (fund raising & volunteer management platform): Tiago Carmona
Podio (volunteer management): Manuel Rudkin
STC Graphic Charter (downloads available) questions: Jeremie Malengreaux

At the close of the Forum the Amsterdam Resolution was crafted together to define our goals and priorities as a movement in the coming year:

“On 21-22 October 2016, we, the gathered representatives of Serve the City teams worldwide, resolve to continue growing in the priorities outlined in the 2015 Lisbon Resolution.  In this journey together, we further resolve to develop in the following areas:

1.   We commit to share with each other.
We will share new ideas, contacts, what’s working, or not, in our cities and why. We will visit and encourage each other, especially in tough times.

2.   We will care equally about those we send and those we serve.
We will invest the best of our resources in all volunteers, and see everyone we serve as a potential volunteer. We will see those we send and those we serve both as contributors and people who need care.

3.   We will be active storytellers.
We will tell each other what is going on in our cities. We will share stories internally and externally as an extended family, proud of the efforts we are making to change the world.

4.   Our goal is for every city to be connected and resourced.
We will work together with the Global Working Team to identify, develop and share resources throughout our movement such as: a common website, shared online resources, fund-raising models and tools, a global day of serving, and training for teams and leaders.

5.   We resolve to be effective and work with excellence.
We will maintain the essential spirit of relationship, passion, support and enthusiasm which enables the STC volunteering and caring ethos to blossom. At the same time we will work to professionalize our movement with the belief that the combination of informal and formal will enable us to better meet the needs of our society.

We will continue to learn from each other and grow together as a global movement, as people united by one cause – to serve, with love.

We will reconvene in Berlin in 2017 to review our progress, measuring and celebrating our growth.”





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