March 2017

Meet Pratya: STC Brussels Intern

Pratya was born in India and has lived in Singapore, then Denmark, where she earned her International Baccalaureate degree last year.  During her gap year she worked for a time at a law firm dealing with refugees in Copenhagen until she went to teach English as a volunteer with STC Madrid as part of their voluntourism program.  While in Madrid she met an STC Madrid intern and decided this was what she wanted to pursue next in her global adventures. After inquiring with several STC cities, Pratya is currently volunteering as a full time intern for 4 weeks at Serve the City Brussels!

Survey In Lisbon

At the request of the city of Lisbon, about 100 STC volunteers invested over 1,200 hours of work in collecting data on the needs of the population of the Freguesia da Misericórdia in Lisbon. For 3 weeks, they went through the streets of this historic area of ​​the capital with a questionnaire, talking to people, getting emotional with many human situations, and learning new realities of their own City.

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