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Anybody can throw together a website today – all it takes is a computer and an internet connection.  Just create a free account on something like Weebly or Wix and start getting creative.  You won’t even need a domain name.  So, if it’s that easy and free why bother with the STCi-provided website which will cost you the price of a domain name?  Oh, let me count the ways! 

The Top 10 Reasons Your STC city Should Be Using The STCi Website Template 

#10: It is easy to maintain – adding events and news posts is as easy as writing an email 

#9: It looks so good – you get a professional design that meets all STCi graphics standards 

#8: You can customize it to meet your needs – you can move elements, use locally generated pictures and video, rename pages, and add special features all while keeping the same “look and feel” 

#7: We do the search engine optimization for you – It is already set up with STC-specific key words 

#6: It makes collecting donations simple – link to PayPal or Stripe with just a few entries 

#5: Collect the volunteer data for any event you want – use the supplied event template forms or create your own in a matter of minutes using Gravity Forms 

#4: It can grow with your city – when the time comes, you can easily up your game by integrating VoluME (powered by Salesforce) to collect donations and volunteer information and take your volunteer management to the next level 

#3: It can easily be linked with MailChimp for your mailing list and automate it for newsletters, special announcements, etc 

#2: The site does all the hard work for you – you don’t need to know HTML, java, or CSS to get the most out of this site, you just need to be comfortable with computers and willing to learn a few basic procedures 

And the #1 reason to use the STCi website template: It will make Jeremie smile! 

To get started contact your national or regional leader and we’ll setup a meeting to go over your needs and how to best get your new website online FAST!

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