An Appeal For Haiti

It takes courage just to live life in a failed state where gangs rule the territory and bodies lie in the streets. It takes even more courage to think of anyone other than yourself in such chaos.”

Join us as we support Serve the City Haiti in raising donations to continue and grow their community work in the midst of their current chaos.

Serve the City Haiti is looking for donations that will go directly to emergency food distribution, clean water provision, hygiene kit distribution, medical supplies and healthcare services across the nation.

To learn more about the vision behind the fundraiser, you can click here.

To know more about Serve the City Haiti, you can listen to our recent Serving Stories podcast that features Serve the City Haiti here.

Below is a glimpse of discussions within the episode, titled Courage: A Fight for Haiti’s Future.

“In this Serving Stories episode, we explore how Serve the City Haiti has been trying to address the root causes of this crisis over the past several years. The interviews featured here were recorded before the March 2024 escalation, but this does not mean that things were fine at that time. Gangs already controlled 70% of the capital city of Port-Au-Prince, and violence and kidnappings bereaved and impoverished citizens on a daily basis. To volunteer to serve in this situation—to even begin to address such issues—requires exceptional courage.

And this team has for many years been working on the very issues that have fed the rise of gang rule. Many children are abandoned on the streets. Or they are left to stay with—“reste avec”—people who will supposedly feed, shelter and educate them, but in reality treat these children as slaves. And even if these restavek children leave their situation, they are prey for gangs seeking to recruit. Behind this problem of abandoned and enslaved children lies the issue of impoverished single mothers, unable to support the children to whom they give birth. These are the issues that Serve the City Haiti has chosen to address, to fight with courage for Haiti’s future.”

Read more about the episode here

Help us make a difference for many Haitians during this difficult time. Donate now.

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