24th April, 14:00 CET – Introduction to STC

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What is STC? How do I start? Why is STC different?

If you want to start volunteering in your city, but don’t know how, or maybe you volunteered with STC in another city and want to start in your own city, then this one-hour webinar is for you! To learn more about starting STC in your city, check out the getting started page.

This one-hour Zoom session will cover the basics of Serve the City’s values, ideas on doing your first volunteer project, and next steps if you believe you are interested in founding Serve the City in your city! The first 30 minutes are dedicated to our values, tensions, and mission, the second 30 minutes are open for questions and answers.

Unable to join the scheduled call? Schedule a meeting for another time below.

If you are interested in doing some Serve the City projects in your city, but are not able to join the scheduled session above, you can email us to schedule a time for a one-on-one meeting that fits your schedule.

  • Please provide three or more dates and times in the next two weeks or later, to schedule a Zoom meeting. Please provide your current time zone.
  • If you have any comments or questions, we want to hear them!
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