In 2005, a small team of eager volunteers led their first Big Volunteer Week in Brussels, and Serve the City was born.

Now Serve the City teams are active or starting in cities all over the world – in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, in the Americas and the Caribbean.

The International Forum is like a family reunion! We come together for friendship, for inspiration, to share what we are learning, and to help teams in new cities get started.

The Brussels team is ready to welcome you with smiles, stories, and Belgian fun. Come to the International Forum in the city where Serve the City first began!


Thursday 24 October

19:00 – 21:30
  • Welcome Dinner

Friday 25 October

  • Morning Prayer (optional)
  • Welcome / Reflection
  • State of the Movement
    Serve with Why
  • Workshops
  • Lunch
  • Workshops
  • Plenary Session
    The Why Stories

Saturday 26 October

  • Morning Prayer (optional)
  • Welcome / Reflection
  • Marketplace
  • Workshops
  • Lunch
  • City Tour
  • Networking

Sunday 27 October

  • Morning Prayer (optional)
  • Welcome / Reflection
  • Plenary Session
    2025 Vision
  • Group Breakout
    2025 Vision
  • 2020 IF
  • Lunch


Friday – Saturday

Other than to deliver results in fashion and design creators with a positive economical and social impact on Brussels and its inhabitants, MAD’s mission is to promote Brussels locally and globally as a creative hub where “created in Brussels” becomes a label of innovative and conscious design. They help to develop a socially engaged and collaborative design approach, back to the source of modern design, where objects are more than aesthetic but solving societal issues.

MAD being located in the heart of Brussels ensures the promotion of design and fashion, and is the link between business owners and creative talents creating a better future for Brussels!

Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10
1000 Brussels



What are my transport options for getting to and from Brussels airport?

Below are the simplest way to reach to the city center from the airport and back.

STIB Bus Line 12 (Airport line)

Duration: circa 30 minutes
Destination: Brussels Luxembourg and Bruxelles Schuman
Location: Level 0 Platform C
Frequency: Up to 4 an hour
Cost: 4,50 € (purchase ticket at GO ticket machine)

More information here.

De Lijn Bus Line 272

Duration: circa 45 minutes
Destination: Brussels Nord
Location: Level 0 Platform B
Frequency: Once an hour (check timetable)
Cost: 3,00 € (purchase ticket in bus with exact change)

SNCB train to North Station or Central Station

Duration: circa 20 minutes
Destination: Brussels Nord and Brussels Central
Location: Level -1
Frequency: Up to 6 times an hour
Cost: 8,90 €

Taxi or Uber

Trip is about 20 minutes in normal traffic (depending of your exact destination and traffic this can increase by a lot)


What are my transport options for getting around Brussels?

There are multiple options to get around Brussels during your stay. The best option would be walking as the center of Brussels is small and everything is fairly close to each other. However, if you choose to use the public transport, you can either purchase a 48 hour tickets, or a ticket with 10 jumps (you will need a Mobib card that costs 5 €). Please click here to get more information about prices and to consult your best options.

The city also offers a variety of other means of transportation, from electric bikes and scooters to taxis and what not.


Participants are responsible for securing their own accommodation.

Brussels has lots of accommodation options to suit every budget, but we recommend that you book your accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The cheapest option is to stay in a hostel. There is a wide variety available in Brussels city centre, see here

If you are going to book a hotel, please remember that the cheapest rates are usually available if you book directly on the hotel website.

If you prefer self-catering Airbnb have a wide range of options available to suit every budget.

A limited amount of accommodation in host homes may be available, please contact us at if you wish to request this.

Travel Documents

What travel documents do I need to travel to Belgium?

It is the responsibility of those travelling from overseas to ensure that they have the correct documentation necessary to enter to Brussels.

Those who require a visa will need a Schengen Visa to visit to Belgium. For further information please check out the following link:

We are happy to provide an invitation letter if required.


If you have any further questions or queries about Serve the City International Forum 2019 or about applying for financial assistance to attend the event, please email

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