Join us 20-23 October in Lisbon for this can’t miss opportunity to gather as an international family to share stories, renew old friendships and make new ones, and strengthen the core teams in our cities, both as a team and individually, as you Build Your Core! In addition to informative workshops and captivating speakers, you will have the opportunity to engage in two very special events. On Thursday, forum attendees will be part of STC Lisbon’s best known STC projects in Portugal – Community Dinners! You will need to arrive by 18:00 so plan your travel accordingly. And on Friday evening we will help STC Portugal celebrate their 15th Anniversary making a difference to those in need. Registration for this event opens by 1 September but you can find further details here as they become available.

This will be a weekend to remember so don’t miss it – REGISTER NOW!

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

When: 20-23 October, 2022

Registration Fee: €70

Theme: Build Your Core – the focus of this year’s forum is on strengthening the core teams in our cities both as a team and individually

Venue Location: EDP Headquarters, Av. 24 de Julho 12A, 1249-300 Lisboa [see on google maps]Book your accommodations nearby!

Special Thursday Event:

Be part of STC Lisbon’s first and best known STC project in Portugal – Community Dinners! It started in 2011 with the support of the European Commission, who classified it as the European Year of Volunteering “flagship project”. It’s a very simple idea: people from all walks of life sit together at the table, eating a full meal side-by-side, eye-to-eye. Some are in homeless situations, others are elderly living in tragic loneliness; there are immigrants, prostitutes, drug and alcohol users and many volunteers. Sharing a meal that way feeds a whole lot more than the body: it feeds the soul of each person and the city’s soul! It feeds hope and energizes change. It builds up our common humanity. Come and sit at the city’s table with us.  You need to plan on being on-site by 6pm to volunteer for this event.  This opportunity to serve will be followed by our Welcome Dinner for Forum attendees.

Special Friday Event:

Be part of a very special celebration – STC Portugal’s 15th Anniversary!  Enjoy good food, good friends, and good music as you watch the sun set over the Tagus River.

Program Outline (all times are Lisbon local time):

  • Thursday – Community Dinner/Welcome – plan on arriving by 6pm
  • Friday (9am*-5:30pm) – Wear Your STC City T-Shirt Day – 1st Plenary, lunch, workshops, 2nd Plenary, dinner/celebration with STC Portugal
  • Saturday (9am*-6pm) – 3rd Plenary, workshops, lunch, team building/city engagement
  • Sunday (9am*-12:30pm) – 4th & 5th Plenary, reflection, next steps

For the full Forum Program click here

Forum Topics:

Boost Your Core

  • Creating Momentum With Big Events
  • Improving Engagement With Companies
  • Generating Involvement From Students
  • Navigating Our First Tension: Inspired by Jesus – Open to All

Equip Your Core

  • Gathering and Telling Stories
  • Finding Financing With Grants
  • Caring For Those Who Serve
  • Connecting With Your Volunteers

Value Your Core

  • Emphasizing Core Teams
  • Building and Supporting Project Leaders
  • Measuring and Reporting Impact

Expand Your Core

  • Understanding Where We Are and Where We’re Going
  • Exploring Shared Social Concerns
  • Serving Stories: A Live Podcast

* Optional prayer time 8am-8:45am

Accommodations: Local accommodation options are plentiful near the Forum venue.  Below are some recommendations near the venue.

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