The Global Operations Team

The STCi Global Operations Team (also known as “The GOT”) is composed of seven members. These seven people have expertise in a number of areas and are selected from among partners, city leaders, and friends of Serve the City throughout the movement. Together they provide resources, systems, support, and assistance for STC city chapters and their leaders. The GOT is one of three bodies within the STC International Leadership Team (ILT).

Meet the Global Operations Team

  • David Hahne
    David Hahne Chief Operating Officer, Chair

    Dave has been volunteering with Serve the City since its inception, and now serves with Serve the City in Virginia, USA. He took up an active role in the Global Operations Team in 2016. Dave has enjoyed serving others from an early age through Scouts, his church, and overseas missions.He is a retired NASA engineer, amateur astronomer and a self-proclaimed tech geek.

  • Ronan Coffey
    Ronan Coffey Co-chair

    Ronan is a board member of Serve the City Ireland since 2014 and has been involved with the Global Operations Team since 2017. He has been involved in various community groups over many years and is a regular facilitator with his local ‘Socrates Café’ philosophy discussion group. Ronan’s full time ‘real’ work is as an acoustic consultant in the construction industry covering Ireland and the UK. He is married to Leontine and has two adult children, he enjoys travel, a good conversation and a well-poured Guinness.

  • Shannon Deal
    Shannon Deal City Development

    Shannon has been part of Serve the City since its inception in 2005 (and no wonder, since she is married to the founder, Carlton Deal!)  She is passionate about welcoming and motivating volunteers, and heads up the Values, Reflection and Prayer team in Brussels. Shannon is the City Development Coordinator, writing and gathering resources to help cities as they start and mature, and developing training resources. She is the producer of the STC Podcast “Serving Stories” which showcases STC cities around the world, and is hosted by her daughter Ani and edited by her son Parker.

  • Jeremie Malengreaux
    Jeremie Malengreaux Branding & Digitalisation

    Jeremie first got involved with Serve the City as a volunteer in Brussels in 2008, and now works for Serve the City Brussels.  Over the years, Jeremie put his skills to work on various projects including STC’s visual identity, the STCi global website, the implementation of Salesforce and more recently, the ‘ServeNow’ volunteering app.  Jeremie has a passion for tech and innovation solutions for development.

  • Cindy Hahne
    Cindy Hahne Operations

    Cindy has been an indirect supporter of Serve the City since its inception and an active part of the Global Operations Team since 2016. She is the city leader for Serve the City Peninsula which started in 2017.  Cindy worked at NASA as a Technician and Engineer, and also worked in Youth Ministry as a leader and event planner.  She enjoys experiencing new adventures, skiing, reading, and spoiling her grand children.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for governance, oversight, legal, and accountability of the STC INGO entity.

Global Executive Team

The Global Executive Team is responsible for vision, direction, development and care across the STC network of cities.

Global Operations Team

The Global Operations Team is responsible for resources, systems, support, and assistance to STC City leaders and teams.

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