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To help your city, we want to provide you with tools to help you create your “city-branded” Serve the City logo.

  • Pick a colour from the colour palette included in the file
  • Modify the text to insert the name of your city
  • Use a different font / typography
  • Resize elements
  • Move elements


The skyline from Serve the City serves the purpose of reinforcing the visuals of our publications and materials.

Serve the City Logo & Graphics Charter


The hand can be used as a design element. As a general rule, it is prefered to use a full hand.

However, in certain cases, the use of the Hand City symbol is allowed.

In any case, the use of the hand as a design element does not cancel the rule that the UNMODIFIED Serve the City logo must appear on every publication. Also, the use of the typography only is never allowed and should always be integrated within the full logo.


Below can you find templates for stationaries and presentations. For PowerPoint and Keynote, make sure to look at the different slide styles available within the template.

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