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Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in personal ways to people in need. Our vision is the transformation of lives, cities, and neighbourhoods. Our dream is to involve everyone in caring for the needs of others. Everyone. Rich, poor, strong, weak, have’s, have-nots, everyone. Everyone can volunteer. 

Serve the City partners with homeless shelters, refugee centres, orphanages, and other local associations, and offers the practical help and support of volunteersWe create serving opportunities that are easily accessible for the volunteer, believing that many people want to get involved but don’t know where to start. Our goal is to build a local volunteering community that is thriving, sustainable, and self-replicating.  

Serve the City started in Brussels, Belgium with a surprisingly successful Big Volunteer Week in July, 2005We had no plans for anything beyond that, but the vision spread from one city to the next and now there are Serve the City teams in cities all over the world – Amsterdam, Baltimore, Kraków, Lisbon, Kathmandu, Nairobi, Paris, Port au Prince, and many more…plus many more to come!  

The International Leadership Team (ILT) works to support the movement. The STCi Movement is led by Carlton Deal (CEO) in collaboration with Alfredo Abreu (Board Chair), Dave Hahne (COO) and is composed of the Board of Directors (BoD), members of the Global Executive Team (GET) and members of the Global Operations Team (GOT).

The STCi International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) is the legal structure of the STCi Movement and governed according to a constitution, with the following purpose:  

To champion volunteering, introducing as many people as possible to the practice of volunteering, and to make it more effective and impactful.

To encourage and strengthen volunteer work in cities and countries throughout the world through city-wide volunteer organisations with the same vision and values as STCi.

To be a representative voice for volunteers and city-wide STC volunteering movements in world forums.

Join us! Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!  

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is the transformation of lives, cities, and neighbourhoods through volunteers who show kindness in personal ways to people in need.

Our mission is to send volunteers to show kindness in personal ways to people in need.

Our values are Humility, Compassion, Respect, Courage, Love and Hope.


Our vision is the transformation of lives, cities, and neighbourhoods through volunteers who show kindness in personal ways to people in need.


Our mission is to send volunteers to show kindness in personal ways to people in need.


Humility Compassion Respect Courage Love Hope

The International Leadership Team

Serve the City International is composed of three teams working together to fulfill the mission and to cast the vision for Serve the City Leaders, combined this is the International Leadership Team (or ILT). The three ILT teams are the Board of Directors, The Global Executive Team, and The Global Operations Team, also known as “The BOD”, “The GET”, and “The GOT” respectively.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for governance, oversight, legal, and accountability of the STC INGO entity.

Global Executive Team

The Global Executive Team is responsible for vision, direction, development and care across the STC network of cities.

Global Operations Team

The Global Operations Team is responsible for resources, systems, support, and assistance to STC City leaders and teams.

We want to be your CSR partner

Our vision is to connect the resources of the city with the needs of the city, and we do this through facilitating local volunteer involvement. The private sector brings with it many resources, both human and financial and can therefore play an important role in contributing to the well-being of communities anywhere. Serve the City can organize corporate volunteering events to make this connection.

We believe in local and global corporate volunteering events and would be pleased to organize one for you. But the event is at its best when it is part of a larger ongoing commitment. It would be our privilege to work within your existing Corporate Social Responsibility strategy or to help you improve or develop one, through consultations, trainings and leadership development, and ongoing connections to community needs.

  • For the last few years our colleagues have enjoyed deep and meaningful experiences in the community, thanks to Serve the City’s help during our month of corporate volunteering in September. We are so grateful!

    Inge Huijbrechts Carlson Rezidor
  • When we contacted Serve the City in Brussels for our team building and global community day activities, we wanted something dynamic, and that’s what we got! We dived straight into our activities: gardening at the Little Sisters of the Poor, and painting at Nativitas and CARIA. It was fun, we bonded, and it was an opportunity to give something back to the people who do so much for our community.

    Patricia Gyurko MasterCard

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