To serve the city, we need your help.

Serve the City International depends on the tireless dedication of thousands of volunteers who invest their time
in caring for people in need. We also depend on the voluntary financial donations of people and corporations like you.

Why give to us?

Less Overhead

Financial support for Serve the City comes from a variety of sources that differ from city to city. Local STC teams hold fund-raisers, lead corporate CSR events, and apply for government grants. Compared to those sources, direct donations have little overhead and provide more value per action.

Empower Action

But every city relies on personal donations from people like you. Your contributions could empower volunteers in one or more of 100 cities to act or by providing start-up funds to launch projects in a new city. Direct contributions spark creativity, pioneer new ideas, and help sustain new STC teams towards a sustainable model.

Create Opportunity

If you have seen the positive impact of volunteering with STC why not make a financial donation to provide others the same opportunity to make a difference? Direct contributions create opportunities for others to volunteer, cross the line, and to know people not by their needs, but by their names.

Donate online

Donate via Bank Transfer

Here is the information for a bank transfer if that is more convenient for you. Please consider setting up a standing order.

Serve the City International
15A Place Van Meyel
1040 Brussels
IBAN: BE39 3630 6339 7119
BCE: 0665 652 996

Each euro counts and you can transform the lives of the people we serve by giving to us.

Are you a corporation? Please visit our CSR page.

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