March 2015

Madrid City Leader to take on rCSR Development for 2015

Warren Batt, Executive Director of Serve the City Madrid and Network Coordinator for Serve the City in Spain, has agreed to take the lead on developing rCSR for the STC global movement in 2015.  In our version of Corporate Social Responsibility we’ve added a small “r” in front, which stands for relational, responsible and reproducible.  Warren recently shared this Madrid story, which embodies those very ideals:

“Recently Serve the City Madrid was approached by Insight,  an international supplier of IT products, to assist them with  their CSR efforts. They wanted to go out and serve their  community, but more than that they wanted to actively  engage with the people they were helping. We connected  them with Fundacion Cauces, who work with youth  recovering from drug addiction, and the results were  amazing.  We arranged for them to repaint the rehab center   where these guys live, which was a fun and rewarding  project, but then we took things a little bit further and we all  sat down for a meal together: STC, Insight and the guys from  the Cauces.  This enabled the employees to put not only a  name, but a face and a personality behind the work they had  done.  Insight employees were so affected by what they  experienced that they have remained in contact with the guys  in the center, calling them on their birthdays and generally  just caring for them. Such was the impact that two weeks  later the employees from Insight returned to the center to  finish the painting work they had started, only this time they  bought their families with them too. A perfect example of  community and corporate integration if ever there was one!”

Click here to see a video about this wonderful project.

STC Dublin and eBay Distribute Valentine Boxes

Serve the City Dublin also kicked off their CSR partnership with eBay last month as they worked together to package and distribute 200 special occasion CARE boxes for Valentine’s Day to marginalized and vulnerable people in Dublin. Personalized, but anonymous, notes written by volunteers were included in the boxes, deepening the level of personal engagement for the eBay volunteers.

Serve the City Paris Launches on 21-28 March

STC Paris starts with a week of projects later this month.  Check out the details here on Facebook!

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