September 2015

Serve the City Responds to Refugee Crisis

Serve the City teams across Europe have been working hard to provide support during the current refugee crisis.  Pleas for supplies are continually going out and being updated daily. Volunteers have assisted with the gathering and delivering of donated items, as well as visiting and spending time with the refugees themselves.

Serve the City leadership is in discussions as to how to best respond to the growing and changing needs of the situation. This urgent topic will now be the primary focus of an online global city leadership meeting taking place 14 September.

All City Leaders and Core Teams Invited to Global Online Meeting

On 14 September, 8 PM CET, we are scheduled to gather as a movement online to discuss the upcoming International Forum in Lisbon. Although we will still cover the Forum, in light of current events we are now moving the refugee crisis to the top of the agenda for the meeting.

Please join us as we consider how we can best serve our cities in these challenging times by doing what we do best: providing ways to serve for those desiring to make a difference. Email here to request a link to the meeting if you have not received an invitation.

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