December 2015

Serve the City Paris Continues to Bring Light in Dark Times

Following the tragic attacks last month in Paris, Serve the City Paris did not cancel any events, but asked their volunteers if they wished to serve or take a pause.  Not only did most of their volunteers join, but some who were not scheduled asked to come and brought friends, to show that the events couldn’t prevent them from serving those in need in the city they love.
Serve the City Paris began in March, and thanks to their partnership with Pret a Manger they now have a team of 50 volunteers serving food to those in need in 4 areas of Paris, 6 days a week.  They also served a Thanksgiving meal to people on the streets and distributed shoes and warm clothes with another partner, The American Church in Paris.  Way to go Paris!

International Forum in Lisbon a Great Success

Serve the City International held its annual Forum in Lisbon on 12-15 November.  Attended by 40 leaders from 15 different cities, it was a meaningful opportunity for networking, training and learning from one another.  At the close of the conference participants drafted and signed the Lisbon Resolution, a document stating our shared commitment to excellence, partnership and accountability as we enter our second decade as a movement. Our next global forum will be held in October 2016 in the Netherlands.

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