November 2015

STC Haarlem Holds 8th Bi-Annual Project Day 

Serve the City Haarlem holds a big project day every spring and autumn.  On 17 October they held their autumn project day, sending out 70 volunteers to 17 different projects. Rooms were painted, gardens were cleaned, and some volunteers helped the elderly or spent time with children with special needs.

When Serve the City Haarlem began mainly volunteers from churches in and around Haarlem participated, but after articles in local newspapers and through invitations of friends many new people are joining.

Volunteer Andrea and her husband Martijn have participated in all project days so far. They state: ‘We always enjoyed hearing the responses from people at the end of the day. People very much appreciate our efforts to improve their situation. Especially when we clear some messy places we can see that people get a new perspective in life.’

International Forum Is Next Week!

It’s not too late to join!  On 12-15 November STC city leaders and core teams gather in Lisbon. Register HERE to join us!

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