April 2016

Food4Friends in Brussels Celebrates 5 Years at Gare du Nord

On 10 March the 5th Anniversary of Food4Friends was celebrated with a wonderful Community Dinner at the Brussels Gare du Nord, where Nino Ostojic and his volunteers have faithfully served the homeless community for 5 years. It was an incredible night of serving and spending time with our friends.

Thank you to Nino and our caring volunteers for bringing this project to life, always with compassion and heart.

Serve the City London is Launched

Serve the City London has been started with regularly scheduled opportunities to Meet the (Homeless) Neighbors. Interested people are invited to meet up to bring food and supplies to the homeless and, most importantly, to spend time getting to know them.   

Recently relocated to London, former Serve the City Limerick leader Etan Blass has gathered a core team of leaders to organize this effort, which launched with a Community Feast in late February.  For more information, check out their Facebook group!

Update on Serve the City Haiti

Traveling Serve the City International ambassador Jerry McCarty recently spent a week with our Serve the City friends in Port-au-Prince to check in with them and see how we could encourage and support their efforts as they look to expand to other cities.  As he prepared to leave, he summarized his impressions by saying, “It’s amazing to see Serve the City Haiti’s impact in the lives of so many people in Port-au-Prince and beyond! Thankful for this team’s heart to serve.”

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