May 2016

A Message from our Founder…

Greetings from Brussels! From our team to yours, thank you for serving!

Serve the City is a movement in cities and it’s also a movement of cities. New cities are joining our family all the time – in Portugal, in Haiti, in the Netherlands, and soon in new contexts like Romania.

We want to be a movement that continues to welcome new cities – but we also want to be a movement where existing cities are maturing through our 5 Life Stages – interest, starting, active, sustainable, hub.

Towards this end, each city is served by a Network Coordinator who connects with cities, connects cities in the network to each other, and connects cities to the international movement.

But we think there is more we can learn from each other also by grouping cities in short-term cohorts. This means cities in the same Life Stage, but from different cultural contexts, can journey together. We have developed an online platform through Office 365 to facilitate this. Currently there are two cohorts in formation – one for European hub cities, and one for cities at the interest stage.

We are also in the process of forming a Global Working Group and would love to ask for your help. Do you, or others on your team, have time to help STC Intl move forward? We are looking for team members who could help with communication, fund-raising, gathering and sharing resources, etc. If interested, contact

Again, thank you for seeing and serving people in need where you live. Please share your stories! We want to cheer each other on. Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!

Joy and peace



STC International Forum: 20-23 October, 2016

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