September 2016 Press Release

Serving cities since 2005
STCi becomes an “international NGO” in 2016


Brussels, September 2, 2016

Serve the City is excited to announce the legal constitution of “Serve the City International” or “STCi”, an international non-profit organization registered in Belgium on September 1, 2016.

Since its first volunteer initiative in 2005 in Brussels, Serve the City has taken some form or shape in over 100 cities around the world, mobilizing thousands of volunteers from all origins and conditions, reaching out to many people in need, contributing to personal and social transformation, often in partnership with companies, schools, faith communities, governmental, non governmental entities. In several countries and cities it already exists as a national or local registered entity. With this registration as an international NGOServe the City is now better equipped to support this dynamic and exciting global movement.

According to its Statutes, STCi has three aims: 1) To champion volunteering, introducing as many people as possible to the practice of volunteering, and to make it more effective and impactful; 2) To encourage and strengthen volunteer work in cities and countries throughout the world through city-wide volunteer organizations with the same vision and values as STCi; 3) To be a representative voice for volunteers and city-wide STCivolunteering movements in world forums.

In STCi’s agenda are projects with global reach, research in all things volunteering, promotion of best practices in volunteer development, and always, always the most vulnerable and excluded neighbors in our cities.

Serve the City is inspired by Jesus and open to all; focused on those who are served as well as on those who serve; and it organizes larger events as well as ongoing smaller projects with volunteers.

The representatives of this global movement who participated in the official registration were born in Angola, Ireland, South Korea, and the USA. STCi’s International Leadership Team is currently composed of 7 people from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and USA.

Contacts and information:

Carlton Deal, President, STCi

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