To Be Continued…

At our 2016 International Forum in Amsterdam we resolved to be better story tellers.  In less than 3 weeks we will be assembling again this year in Berlin, where we will be bringing our stories to share with one another.  At our recent online All City meeting last month we got a small preview with some stories such as these:

Dave in Newport News told us about a new relationship blossoming between a project leader and a disabled man and his wife in a difficult neighborhood whose home he helped repair and adapt.
– We weren’t just making a house safe, we were developing a safe relationship.

Marie in Brussels told us about partnering with a 9 year old girl who had a desire to help refugees and has since been tapped for an award for her efforts.
– We weren’t just helping a young girl with collecting and giving out clothes, we were helping shape her future.

Sam In Lisbon told us about a 90 year old woman living without heat or hot water, which they were able to provide for her after exhaustive efforts.
– We weren’t just bringing warm water to an elderly woman, we were bringing a warm ending to the twilight of her life. 

We look forward to more stories such as these, along with many opportunities for networking, practical professional development, and fun at our upcoming Forum!  If you are planning to attend and haven’t yet registered, please do so ASAP at this link.

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