Global Volunteer Day a Success!

On 5 May 19 cities from around the world participated in our first annual Global Volunteer Day.  Participants were cities in Ghana, USA, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Nepal, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Haiti, and Honduras.  We are still collecting details and videos of the events, but here are a few examples of some of the activities of the day:

STC Leuven went out on a street kindness project.

In Dublin and Cork volunteers were sent on DIY projects, and Dublin led a cultural tour for refugees as well.

Berlin had teams deliver thank you cards to various people who serve their city daily, such as firemen and bus drivers, etc.

In Tegucigalpa they handed out pancakes to elderly people and people on the streets.

Kathmandu volunteers went out to clean up the streets and collect trash.

These are only a few examples of the variety of ways people served in different cities on Global Volunteer Day.  Of course these are activities above and beyond the regular ongoing projects in these cities, so a big thank you on the extra effort to all who participated!  We hope this annual show of solidarity will continue to grow and spread the ethos of serving around the world.  Same time next year!

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