News Update: The Deteriorating Situation in Haiti

The Caribbean country of Haiti has recently been embroiled in anti-government protests that have blocked roads, prevented aid and left the entire nation in shock.

Following is a firsthand account from Marc Koquillon, the founder and director of Serve the City Haiti:

The country is currently facing a political, economic and social crisis.  The country has been in a state of disorder for nearly ten days.

Such a situation is likely to provoke a serious humanitarian crisis that threatens the already precarious living conditions of children, women, the disabled, the sick and the elderly – all who constitute the categories exposed to great vulnerability in such circumstances.

L’OPC (Office de la Protection du Citoyen) says that due to the current situation, in various areas of the capital, people do not have access to water, food and medical care. For example, pregnant women are forced to give birth in their homes under difficult conditions. Children from low-income and no-income families are starving in poor neighbourhoods all over the country.

The President’s last speech aggravated protestors. There are riots everywhere – blocking roads – and, as a result, activities are very limited in the capital and various big cities. Me, my family and the other members of STC Haiti are safe.   Although we have supplies, it is unfortunately not the same for many of our neighbours across the city.

Please join us in prayer for the country of Haiti. Join us in praying for the people of Haiti; for hope, peace, courage and calm. The situation is hard. The hopelessness on the face and in the heart of the people is harder. Please pray for this nation that has already suffered too much from poverty and poor leadership, corruption and all kind of exploitation.”

News reports share how missionaries have also been trapped and are struggling to safely leave the country at this time. A statement by Haiti ARISE shares how their members were confined to their compound after road blocks due to burning tires prevented their access to the capital and the airport. Since this statement on February 16th, some missionaries from Haiti ARISE have, thankfully, been able to reach safety.

Carlton and Shannon Deal, founders of Serve the City International, were supposed to visit Marc and STC Haiti at this time but all travel into the nation has been strongly discouraged.

Along with the requested prayers, any and all amounts of monetary donation towards this situation would be greatly appreciated. Please click here to donate.


We will be updating this article as the situation changes in Haiti.

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