Kindness Challenge 2020

STCi Social Media Challenge

#KindnessStartsWithMe let it #GoThrival!

Hello Serve the City the globe over,

Challenge the world in with our social media challenge! In these days of isolation and downer news, let’s focus on spreading kindness and challenging the world to #SpreadKindness through a social media challenge, and instead of making it “viral” we are going to #GoThrival (from thrive – “thrive-al”)!

Here’s how it’s going to work. From your Serve the City social media accounts AND your personal accounts share simple stories of spreading kindness. Tag other cities and your friends, family, co-workers, etc and challenge them to #SpreadKindness and make it #GoThrival.

Hashtags to use:

CLICK HERE FOR an example of how we did it on our STCi Facebook page with a great story from STC Maastricht!

Try to always have a picture with your post, and post links to what you share here if you can! It’s not viral, it’s THRIVAL.

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