Remember These Resources?

The Help-Files: The Truth Is Here 

Vol02: Iss07 – Remember These Resources? 

During one of the workshops at the recent Serve the City International Forum it became apparent that everyone knows about all the resources that are available for cities, city leaders, and their core teams.  You can find details on resources like the STC website template and The Tower in past editions of The Help Files (  Today we want to remind you about some of the resources available in The Tower (powered by Microsoft Teams) and at, your go-to place for online training. 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaborative environment for the STC community to work together and share ideas.  It is also home to many useful resources for cities in every life stage, from Interest to Sustainable, and they are all located in The Lobby.  The Lobby is the team that everyone is a member of and like the lobby in a brick-and-mortar building it is a place where you can meet anyone and chat about anything.  The figure below (teams.png) shows the landing “page” when you first enter The Lobby.  You start in the General channel (circled in red).  One of the things you will notice at the top is a tab called “LRC – Leader’s Resource Center” (circled in green).  Clicking this tab will bring up the LRC home page within Teams (lrc.png).  From here you can explore the City Development Library (resources organized by Life Stage), other Resources & Ideas, information on Family & Prayer, copies of the various monthly newsletters like City Connect and Cross the Line, and much, much more.




Many of these resources are also available through the Files tab in the Resources channel (see resources.png).  This is another way to get to things like City Development ResourcesDesign Resources (including World Day graphics and various STC document templates), and information on Shared Social Concerns.  This is also a place where you can post requests for new resources, share resources from your city (for example, Alfredo has posted a list of great free books on volunteer management), and just chat with other city leaders and core team members about how to do something you’re struggling with.  Best of all, the more people who engage on these channels the better the resources become. 


And no reminder about the resources available to the leadership community of STC would be complete without mentioning is home to, among other things, focus – our online training platform.  Here you will find an extensive course for people interested in starting Serve the City where they live; a short course to help new core team members understand the vision, mission, and values of STC; and a new course for training project leaders (see focus.png).  We also have courses for cities in the Starting and Active Life Stages in development. 


STC International has put a lot of “presents” under the tree this holiday season, so, don’t just shake the boxes, open them up and look inside.  And don’t forget, if you have questions or problems implementing any of this Digital Infrastructure help is only an email away.  Just send your request to 

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