Serve the City International’s response to COVID-19

A letter from our founder, Carlton Deal.

Kindness can not be cancelled

Conversations will not be cancelled

Relationships will not be cancelled

Humility will not be cancelled
Compassion will not be cancelled
Respect will not be cancelled
Courage will not be cancelled
Love will not be cancelled
Hope will not be cancelled

Serve the City continues to serve in safe & creative ways for those in need in our communities during this time!

Now more than ever, we need a serving revolution, sign your city up to participate in the Global Volunteer Day – 9th of May, be creative, be safe, and #SpreadKindness!


In addition to the best practices and ideas above, please refer to this list of resources for the most up to date, official, and accurate information regarding this dynamic situation affecting the world.

Other resources will be added as they are brought to our attention.

Special – Kindness Will Not Be Cancelled

Kindness will not be cancelled! Events are cancelled, meetings are cancelled, but Serve the City believes that kindness is open for business and the shelves are stocked floor to ceiling with creative ideas! In this podcast, Carlton and Ani Deal discuss creative kindness.

Kindness will not be cancelled

All over the world meetings are cancelled. Events are cancelled. Trips are cancelled. But a virus, even a pandemic, cannot cancel the most important stuff of life. Kindness is open for business and the shelves are stocked floor to ceiling in abundant supply. Kindness will not be cancelled. Here are some ways Serve the City […]

Use your Computer to Fight CoronaVirus

Folding@home is a distributed computing project focused on disease research. The problems they are solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and they need our help to find the cures!

Homemade Masks

STCi Project Ideas Series Kindness will not be cancelled With the on-going COVID-19 world-wide crisis we are starting a new series of helpful projects. During this time these will be projects that can be done individually, and of course once life begins to return to normal we’ll share ideas for groups to serve their cities […]

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