Our 4th Annual – Global Volunteer Day is the 8th of May 2021

The 2021 theme is “SERVE NOW”, it’s a simple call to action which highlights the point that small actions now make a big difference in our world. If you need encouragement or ideas on how you can volunteer throughout 2021, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, learn more about why kindness will not be canceled.

If you (or your STC city team) will be participating register below.

  • Please give us your first (given) and last (surname) names.
  • Please let us know what your primary role is in your city. If your city does not have STC, select "Other".
  • If contacting you by SMS or WhatsApp is better please provide your phone number.
  • Please provide the URL (link) to your city's Global Volunteer Day project page where volunteers can sign up for your 8th May event! If you do not have one let us know how we can help (just type "help" or "coming soon" in the box below and we'll contact you).
  • I agree to my data being processed and saved so that STCi can contact me regarding details of this event (Global Volunteer Day 2020).

2021 Global Volunteer Day Cities

Join STC in your city by selecting it below.

If your city is not listed, you can still join us, any act of volunteering, big or small – serve now, register and get ideas.

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