The Global Executive Team

The STCi Global Executive Team (also known as “The GET”) provides vision, direction, development, and care for STC city teams.  Its members have expertise in a number of areas and are selected from among partners, city leaders, and friends of Serve the City throughout the movement. The GET is one of three bodies within the STC International Leadership Team (ILT).

Meet the Global Executive Team

  • Carlton Deal
    Carlton Deal Chief Executive Officer, Chair

    Carlton founded Serve the City in Brussels in 2005 with a single event called a “Big Volunteer Week”.  His vision soon spread to further events in Brussels and beyond, forming the global movement. Carlton’s role is to help extend ideas that put STC values into action.

  • Simone Schuelbe
    Simone Schuelbe Family & Prayer

    Simone helps to facilitate various connections between city leaders and the wider STC international family.Simone is originally from Germany, and she now resides in Brussels where she has been volunteering on the STC Brussels Core Team for a number of years.

  • Travis Mielonen
    Travis Mielonen Communications

    Travis is the founder and leader of STC Kraków and is the Network Coordinator for Central Europe. Travis combines his background in technology, community transformation, and solution engineering to help the STCI to better communicate values in action.

  • Richard Holt
    Richard Holt Coaching, Cohorts & Training

    Richard is the UK Director for Serve the City, and the Regional Co-Cohort Leader for South Asia, Africa, and Western Europe. Richard’s background is in international development and he specialises in working alongside communities towards self-sustainable livelihoods.

  • Jerry McCarthy
    Jerry McCarthy Global Networking

    ​Jerry helps new cities to get started with launching Serve the City, providing strategic advice to STC cities as they grow. He is based in New Jersey, USA but his work takes him around globally throughout the year.

  • Hazel Lincy
    Hazel Lincy Communications & Shared Social Concerns

    Hazel is the founder of Serve the City Goa, and Network Coordinator for India. She was also an active member of the STC Brussels team whilst living in Belgium, and is currently studying for her Ph.D. in Human Rights Law.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for governance, oversight, legal, and accountability of the STC INGO entity.

Global Executive Team

The Global Executive Team is responsible for vision, direction, development and care across the STC network of cities.

Global Operations Team

The Global Operations Team is responsible for resources, systems, support, and assistance to STC City leaders and teams.

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