Kindness Breeding Kindness: STC Peninsula Big Volunteer Week

STC Peninsula’s 5th Big Volunteer Week, themed Kindness breeding Kindness, took place from July 13 through July 17.

Dave Hahne of STC Peninsula shares some inspiring stories, numbers and quotes from this memorable week:


Kindness Breeding Kindness

I have a story I would like to share for our Big Volunteer Week: We had debris to put on the curb for the city to pick up in front of Mrs. Avery’s house. Her neighbor across the street had his car parked by where the debris would be stacked. She said he was mean and would not move his car when she had asked him in the past. I walked across the street and asked him if he would move the car before Wednesday when debris pick up came. He said he would. Before the STC group left the site, he came over and told them he would take her debris to the dump and she wouldn’t have to wait for the pick up. Neighbors serving neighbors is one of our goals in the community.

Let’s Do The Numbers

235 volunteers, 26 projects, and 1484 volunteer hours. That is not just a little better than last year, that’s over 30% more kindness being spread to the elderly, the food insecure, those fighting to come out of homelessness, and our community’s first responders. God blessed us with plenty of behind-the-scenes volunteers, great weather (it was hot but no rain), and a great turnout. And a special shout out to our project coordinator, Sue Grimes, who gave an average of 74 people a day (94 on one day) something meaningful to do that had a positive impact on the community.

And Now The Rest of The Story

Or, the real reason Serve the City exists and why we love what we do. From our volunteers to those we serve, transforming lives through relationships and working together is what it’s all about. Here are just a few examples of what people had to say:

“This Annual STC week proved to be a great, enlightening week for me. I look forward to serving in the future, so the monthly Saturday projects interest me. What, where and when is the August Saturday project? Thanks for Sharing/Caring – Harley”

“This is the greatest program that we could have in this area. Love to see it all over the country. Helping the ones of us who needed help. God is good! Bless you all – Dorene” Note: Dorene was both someone we served and a volunteer

“This organization is needed very much in the community because they help senior citizens with the up-keep of their property. The people in charge and the volunteers were friendly, kind, and respectful. I appreciate all they did for me – Mrs. Phillips”


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