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Resources and information for approved Serve the City leaders and core teams.

Serve the City is an international movement mobilizing volunteers to show kindness in practical ways to people in need all over the world.  As we continue to expand into new cities, it is imperative that we communicate a clear message to the international community. Serve the City exists in many cities, but it is a single movement united in clear purpose and calling.

The tools we use to promote this unity is a common set of values, processes, and, visual identity and branding.  While Serve the City will always celebrate expressions of creativity by local leadership, adherence to these standards is a non-negotiable.  Our willingness as a Serve the City community to abide by these guidelines will allow each of us greater partnership with global corporations and non profit organizations. These standards are reviewed by Serve the City International’s leadership on an annual basis.

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Do you need an STC email address? Don’t have an STC “Lobby” (Microsoft Office 365 / TEAMS) account for your city?


The Help Files is a monthly article to help STC leaders learn more about a specific resource to support volunteering in your city.

STCi Leader’s Resource Center

Need to know best practices? Perhaps want to find some cool pre-created graphics or templates for social media, email, or your website? Do you remember some cool ideas from your FOCUS online training and want to see it again? Maybe you want to share some great resources with the rest of STC international? Then the Leader’s Resource Center (LRC) is your one stop place for all of this and more. We also post and share news and communication for city leaders and core teams in the LRC.


The newest resources, help files, and project ideas.

Monthly City Checkup

Every city belongs to a regional or national network. As part of these networks, there is a regional coordinator or national director who is there to help each city with resources, development, and work through challenges. These coordinators and directors are invited to meet monthly and provide updates from each city in their networks. One way for cities to update their networks is to fill out the City Checkup Survey which goes directly to your national leader or regional coordinator.

The survey also provides a place for leaders to share stories to inspire the rest of the STC network, ask for help from your national or network leaders, and keep our leader contact database up to date. You can take the survey anytime.


Leader Calls

We are a worldwide family with many different perspectives, experiences, and ideas. In our diversity, we strengthen our movement to volunteer, and to inspire confidence that makes people first. To do this, we meet up twice a month on our All City Call using the Zoom platform. Join us to share and learn, you won’t regret it!

2nd Monday Connect & Share: Our core values inspire us to always grow and learn. Our Connect & Share meetups focus on sharing volunteer stories, and different volunteer resources, learning from experts, and celebrating the lives touched by crossing the line. We invite you to join us for a time that is sure to help you mature and grow your city’s volunteers.

4th Monday Family & Prayer: As a movement that is inspired by Jesus and yet open to all, we value the idea of learning and sharing as a family. We also welcome everyone to share important events, stories, and challenges so that our Family & Prayer team can contend for the people in your city to thrive.

Quarterly Communications Exchange: The international communications team invites anyone interested in connecting their city to our global network to participate in our quarterly “Comms Exchange” calls, this is where stories, ideas, social media updates, upcoming events, and much more will be shared and ideas shared to keep our cities connected and well informed of what is happening around the globe in Serve the City!


Below are upcoming calls for any STC leader (core team, city leader, project leaders, etc).

Serve the City Academy

Here you will find online courses to help you grow as an individual, as a team and as an NGO. There are three educational modules, FOCUS, MasterClass, and VoluME.

Focus: Is our online learning platform, individuals join a cohort of others and work through various courses from starting Serve the City, to project management, and creating resources for your national movement.

MasterClass: Still in development, will be courses offered by subject matter experts are difficult social aspects, tensions to wrestle with, and solutions to various problems.

VoluME: Is an online course to learn all about Serve the City’s volunteer management platform built on, VoluME is integrated with the STC city websites and makes volunteer management easy, measurable, and easy to report.

Newsletters & Podcasts

We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletters and podcasts! Our newsletters and podcasts contain stories, inspiration, and news from around the world where Serve the City is actively crossing the line. We have two newsletters and one podcast channel for you to enjoy.

Leader’s Newsletter: A monthly newsletter aimed at providing city leaders the tools, resources, and encouragement to empower their volunteers to cross the line. Contains updates on resources and new tools as well as upcoming events.

General Newsletter: A monthly newsletter with stories of serving, reports on volunteer events from around our Serve the City cities, and updates on future events to promote volunteerism and celebrate acts of humility, compassion, respect, courage, love and hope!

Serving Stories Podcast: A monthly (and sometimes more) podcast episode dedicated to interviews, conversations, and insight by volunteers on the ground through the STC network. Very inspirational and will remind you of the goodness that humanity can be!

Logo & Graphics Charter

Here you will find all of the information needed to create your own Serve the City logo and graphics for your city. The graphics charter outlines the guidelines for using, creating, and applying the Serve the City logo, typeface, and graphic elements. Our Global Operations Team can also make your city’s logo in various formats, feel free to use the support request form for any of your graphics needs.

These guidelines exist to keep a unified brand which is easily recognized by international partners, governments, and companies. The international leadership team has adopted this graphics charter to help create a unique and unified look which is simple to apply and recognize. To learn more about the graphics charter and download the logo and graphics elements for your use, please continue reading.

Technology Resources

STC Email, Microsoft 365 “Tower”, Microsoft TEAMS “Lobby”, STC Websites, and VoluME

As an approved Serve the City chapter you have FREE access to a variety of technology solutions. These include:

  • Microsoft 365, previously known as “Office 365” and includes all the Microsoft Office applications, like:
    • Microsoft TEAMS
    • Email and Calendar/Outlook
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel, and more
    • Microsoft Teams (Team collaboration, video and audio conferencing, and more)
  • STC turnkey websites, and our volunteer management platform powered by, VoluME. Our team is ready to serve you, each of these solutions is available for your entire team.

To gain access to any of these resources your city must first become part of the STCi Microsoft 365 “STCi Tower”, you can request accounts for your city in the form below.

Microsoft Teams “STCi Lobby”: Microsoft Teams is our primary tool for communicating, distributing, and collaborating across the Serve the City international network. Teams is a multi-functional platform for sharing and working on documents of all types, creating forms, managing projects, and has built-in video and audio conference capabilities that work on all devices. The STCi Lobby is your one stop place to find all our internal resources to help make your city and volunteers thrive, most importantly it is where you can talk and share with other city leaders and the STCi leadership team.

Microsoft 365 “STCi Tower”: Microsoft 365 not only provides you with one of the world’s most used office suite of applications, it also gives you access to the STCi Leader’s Resource Center, templates, files, and allows you to collaborate with other cities. Each city receives their own space (or floor in the “tower”) to use as they wish and with easy to manage user management you will find your productivity, security, and collaboration increase. This includes Microsoft Outlook Email, Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Websites: We fully encourage your city to launch your website as soon as you have your first volunteer event planned. We have a turnkey solution that is branded and has pre-created content ready to publish. Simple forms for volunteers to signup for your projects and easy administration for you. Your website will be secure, and have donation and GDPR ready capabilities from the start.

VoluME: As your city matures and you have more and more projects, volunteer management becomes very important. Track hours, partnerships, contact information, and keep it secure and GDPR compliant. As soon as your chapter of STC is registered with your national authorities as an NGO you can register with, the nonprofit arm of, the leading cloud based database management platform for contacts, workflows, and much more.

Click here to request an STC Email, TEAMS, and Microsoft 365 Account

Your STCi tools

Microsoft Teams – Collaboration, chat, video, audio, and more. Plus access the shared STCi Lobby to communicate with other STC cities and the international leadership team.

Microsoft 365 – Office applications and files, such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook (email), Excel, and much more. Your city’s private space in the STCi Tower and shared resources across the STCi network.

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